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Ram Navami

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Ram Navami 2020

This is one of the most prominent festivals of Hinduism. The day is celebrated as the birth of Lord Rama who was considered as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The story of Lord Rama is narrated in form of “Ramcharitmanas” an epic poem to almost every Hindus home.

April 2020

Rama Navami Date in 2020
Ram Navami

On Ram Navami, people recall the life of Lord Rama on various forms such as Ramlila (a drama) and Chariot Processing. Lord Rama is remembered for his fight for truth, his loyalty and lots of other virtues like a perfect son, a loyal husband, a loyal king and a loving elder brother. Practically, he is the example of the best human ever. It is why he is known as “Maryada Purushottam”. His birthday is celebrated all across India with devotion and enthusiasm. Let’s read on some important points on how to celebrate Ram Navami.

Taking Holy Bath

Taking a holy bath in the sacred river of Saryu in Ayodhya is a part of the rituals of Ram Navami. This bath is actually a way of purification of body as well as soul. You can take bath to Ganga and other holy river too on this day.

In Southern part of India, the event is celebrated as the wedding day of Lord Ram and his wife.

Organizing of Ramlila

In this religious event of Ram Navami one of the most special attractions is Ramlila. This is a drama based on Rama’s life and his battle with Ravana. Viewers of Ramlila can observe the perfect amalgamation of several virtues of Lord Rama by the character playing the role of the Lord. Ramlila is organized in the evening time. Step by step phases of Ram’s life is displayed in the drama that seems mesmerizing and engaging even we are much familiar of the character and his life. Ram, Sita and Lakshman lives are portrayed in the manner that it looks real. Lakshman bears the character of a devotional brother who is ready to do anything for his brother Ram. Sita represents as a devoted wife and Ram as a caring husband. The stage of Ramlila also displays the character of Bharat who maintains loyalty towards his brother. A long battle between Ram and Ravana displays. Ramlila is organized every year in different places of India from cities to villages. Each time people enjoy the drama and remember the “Maryada Purushottam” Ram. It is expected that watchers of the program also instil the values that Lord Rama want to give to human kinds.

The characters of Ramlila are selected not on the basis of their casts. Any people can participate who is capable to perform well. When they don the character of Ram or any character associated with Ramlila, they follow vegan diet. It shows their devotions for the lord.

Overall, Ram Navami is a great Hindu festival that brings happiness, joy and prosperity. It is celebrated with full of enthusiasm and joy across India.