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Navratri in USA

Navratri Celeration in United States of America (USA)

Navratri which stands for “nine nights” is celebrated with full of enthusiasm in the United States of America. The festival brings joy and gives a reason to get united for the Hindus community in the USA. Many US residents also like to enjoy the festival with the same spirit like the Indo-Americans do. Isn’t it so exciting?

Navratri Celebration in USA

Navratri USA Celebration

In America, the festival is celebrated splendidly by a large number of Indo-Americans (over 2 million). You can now imagine how vibrant the celebration could be when Indo-American community gathers together to celebrate the function. They dress in vibrant dresses including lahnga-choli for women and kurta for men. According to sources, the festival is witnessed in places which have been seen visible growth of the Indian community in the US and these places are California, Texas and New Jersey.

Navratri festival comprises praying, singing, dancing and a special procession which is a symbolic representation of Hindu Goddess. It attracts people of different venues to gather together to enjoy the festival together. The West Coast Navratri festival is organized with full of zeal, the venue is called one of the greatest centres for Navratri.

Navratri Puja and Rituals

The Puja rituals in America are somewhat similar to the rituals in India. Some people like to do ‘Japa’ or chanting mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga. They perform the Japa almost 100,000 times as per the rituals. Some goes for partial diet and some for 9-day fasts. They remember the Goddess Durga with full devotion and dedication. Many Hindus bring home a small effigy of Mata Durga during the auspicious day to perform the Puja with complete devotion and rituals.

Shree Shakti Mandir in Lake City, Ga invites devotees for Arti and darshan of Ambaji. A large number of footfalls are noticed every year to the temple during the festival. It is easy to notice enjoyment of the Puja among the Hindu community in the USA.

Dandiya & Garba Celebration in South California

The thrill of Garba is noticed in South California because many Gujaratis live there. Dandiya is organized at a very large scale where many known Gujarati signers perform folk music. Music bands of Gujarat and Mumbai make the day so special. The music ranges from the folksy to the contemporary. Dandia and Garba are organized together that make the nights of Navratri memorable for all. Group-level competitions are capable to create a strong level of excitement and interest among the participants of Dandiya.