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Good Friday 2020

Any corner of the world where the Christian community reside, the festival called ‘Good Friday’ is celebrated with full of enthusiasm and spirit. The auspicious occasion is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this holy festival the Christian community commemorates the suffering or passion and death on the cross of the Lord Jesus. On the day Christians remember the sacrifices and suffering of Jesus’ life. Emotions are associated with the festival.

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Good Friday Date in 2020
Good Friday

Rituals of Good Friday

In the Christian community, the rituals are simple. People are not bound to follow the rituals but they can pay honour to Jesus by keep a day fast or living non-vegetarian items on the day. Many Christians hold parades or organize an open air plays displaying the last days and hours of Jesus life. It is their devotion to remember the lord and pay homage.

Many churches across the world also display the life of Jesus- from his birth to death. Good Friday is actually a day of mourning and quiet prayer for Christians. They visit their near church for special church services or prayer vigils. The candles are often extinguished. The paintings and crosses may be draped in black, gray or purple cloth. Many Catholics observe a day fast on this day while others observe partial fast. They don’t eat meat.

The atmosphere of many homes is quite on the day by avoiding watching television, playing music and outside activities. Some choose to play songs that remind them about Jesus’ sacrifices for humanity.

In many countries including India, Good Friday is a gazetted holiday. Schools, colleges and government organizations are often closed on the day. A day-off is provided. But in America, Good Friday is not an official holiday. Regular services go continuously. However, many businesses, financial markets, schools and colleges are closed on the day.

Good Friday is a state holiday in some states of America including Hawaii where most of the offices are closed except the public transport. The day is often spent quietly by many Americans, remembering the lord Jesus.

Good Friday Food

Many Christians cook hot cross buns which is a traditional sweet on Good Friday. The food is mostly simple. People often exclude non-vegetarian items from their meal. They prefer to keep their food menu simple. Before having the lunch or dinner, they pray to god and thank him for his sacrifices.

Overall, the day spends peacefully. People try to keep the day as simple as possible and remember the lord Jesus. Good Friday is celebrated in almost every corner of the world where the Christian community resides. It is an auspicious day for the community.