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Buddha Purnima 2020

What do you know about the festival? This is a major festival in the community of Buddha because it marks as the birthday of Lord Gautama Buddha, enlightenment and death. It is also known as Vesak Day. On this very auspicious day, schools, colleges and government offices are closed in India because it is considered as a gazetted holiday in the country. Every year, the festival is celebrated on the full moon day in May.

May 2020

Buddha Purnima Date in 2020
Buddha Purnima

Who is Gautam Buddha?

Many of you know about this great man. He was a spiritual teacher who taught the world peacefulness and spiritualism. He is considered as incarnation of the God. The spiritual teacher was born around 6th or 4th centuries BCE. As per the Theravada Tripitaka scriptures, Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini which is now known as Nepal. He was a prince but he wanted to leave the material world in search of the truth. Though, his father prevented him leaving the palace, he managed to leave the luxury comfort at the age of 29. He was known as the Prince Siddhartha Gautama and later after getting enlightenment of knowledge, he became Gautama Buddha who found Buddhism. There are several spiritual stories related to Buddha ‘s life that inspire people of all age groups. There are different opinions on his birth and death dates. Some believes that the master left the world around 480 BCE.

No matter what is the date of his birth and death, he is always considered as a great influential spiritual teacher. Many Buddhist see him as a lord and celebrate his birthday with full of joy.

In 1950, The World Fellowship of Buddhists decided to celebrate Vesak Day as the Buddh\aa's birthday in the first conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka. On the full moon day of May month is considered the best date to celebrate the birthday of the spiritual master.

Different Buddhist communities across the world celebrate the day on different days. It is the holiest day in Buddhism.

What is the Symbol?

There is a special symbol called the Dharmacakra or Dharma often display during the celebration. It is a wooden wheel displaying around 8 spokes that reveals special messages of Buddha that he wanted to teach the nation.

What is the Tradition in the Festival?

On Vesak, many Buddhist community people visit monastery to pray Buddha and pay their homage to this great people who spent his life for humanity. Monks recites ancient verses. Some monasteries display a small statue of Buddha as a baby. The statue is decorated with flowers.